Prep & Care

Please be sure to read the Prep & Care instructions, and to fill out the new client consultation form before booking!


  • DO Prior to your appointment, cleanse your lashes to remove any dirt, makeup and oil to make sure adhesive isn’t compromised. If your eyelashes are not completely clean your eyelash extensions may not last more than one week. Do not use oil or vaseline prior or after.
  • DON’T come to your appointment with mascara on and avoid using mascara and makeup wipes one day prior to your lash appointment . Don’t come to your appointment with any face makeup, moisturizer and lash extensions done by another technician. You must have a consultation first.
  • DON’T wear contacts to your lash appointment
  • DO Prepare to be at your lash appointment for approx. 2 1/2 – for consultation and application. (1 ½ hour for touch up)


The following activities will result in a weaker bond, premature eyelash extension loss and/or irritation, and therefore should be avoided during the first 48 hours following your appointment. Receiving chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming. Receiving irritating eye-area treatments, such as strong chemical peels, skin-resurfacing procedures, eyebrow waxing or laser treatments. Showering or wetting your eyelashes. Exposure to heat, steam, sauna and friction.


  • DON’T use oil-based eye care products on or near your lashes, such as eye creams, eye serums and cleansers. Use water-based products. Please wash your lashes daily with baby wash or recommended eyelash cleanser for best results.
  • DON’T use an eyelash curler, Mascara, liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner on upper eyes.
  • DON’T pull off your lashes! Go to the professional who applied them to have them taken off if necessary.


  • DO prep for your sugaring service: If you have a low pain threshold, we recommend that you take an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, about 20 minutes prior to your appointment. There may be minimal bleeding during your service depending on your skin type. Please be aware that you are agreeing to this possible side affect once you submit the consultation form. We recommend if you are pregnant to speak with your doctor before booking a Brazilian.
  • DO allow for enough time in between sugaring. Hair growth must be at least a quarter of an inch in length. When growing out your hair after shaving, it takes about 2 weeks from your last shave to get the hair to the optimal length. Allow four to five weeks between each sugar session so that your hair grows to the right length.
  • DO let your esthetician know of any medications you or taking, even if you don’t think it will have any effect on your treatment.
  • DO make enough time for your appointment so that you’re relaxed when you arrive to the studio.
  • DON’T drink any caffeinated beverages prior to your service.
  • DON’T come in for sugaring if you are using or have any of the following conditions: Retin-A, Accutane, blood thinners, Cortisone, acne medication or any other exfoliates or Alpha Hydroxy based products. If using Acutane please wait at least 6 months after discontinuing use before being sugared. Retin A, Renova or Differin, please wait at least 3 months after discontinuing use before sugaring.
  • DON’T have a hot bath, shower or get in a hot tub after Sugaring.
  • DON’T receive any chemical peels or Microdermabrasion treatments for at least 48 hours after a facial sugaring.
  • DON’T exfoliate your skin until at least 3 days after being sugared, but please use Aloe Vera Gel daily to prevent ingrown hairs.

After your spray tanning session

  • DO wear loose clothing and slippers when you leave the studio. Ditch your bra for at least six hours.
  • DO moisturize every day — morning and night. Also use a moisturizing soap-free body wash to extend the life of your tan.
  • DO use a tan extender to reduce patchiness and extend the life of your tan. Use a product that contains a light DHA bronzer.
  • DON’T get waxed, sugared, microdermabrasion, and facials 5-7 days after your airbrush tan.
  • DON’T exercise for the first 24 hours. Sweat will cause your tan to streak.
  • DON’T book any hair or nail appointments for 48 hours after your tanning session.
  • DON’T use soaps and other body products that contain parabens, glycolic alpha hydroxy acids or sodium lauryl sulfates — they will fade your tan more quickly. Don’t use a loofah, puff or wash cloth. (Pat dry with towel after your shower and avoid rubbing)
  • DON’T wear white clothing, tight clothing, bras, wristbands, leather, nylon, wool, silk, jewelry.


Before your spray tanning session

  • DO exfoliate 24 hours before getting a spray tan to ensure an even application. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells, which will help achieve the longest-lasting tan possible. Use a water-based exfoliating scrub rather than an oil-based one. Oils may interfere with the spray tanning solution from developing properly
  • DO sugar two days before or shave the evening before your spray tanning session. If you shave after you get your spray tan, it will exfoliate the skin and affect the tanning results.
  • DO wear a swimsuit, thong or underwear — whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • DO wear your hair up to your appointment.
  • DO ask the technician questions before your session begins. He/she will guide you on how to position yourself to achieve optimal results.
  • DON’T apply any moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or other beauty products before your tanning appointment as it may inhibit the quality of your tan.
  • DON’T wear any jewelry or makeup to your tanning session. Pull your hair up and off your face and neck.

Appointment Policy

Sweet Angel Spa Studio, offers services by appointment only and does not accept walk-Ins. Since most appointments are booked 2 to 4 weeks ahead of time, we recommend you schedule your next appointment immediately following your service. Please be aware that if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, it will need to be rescheduled for another day. Due to a busy schedule, same day appointments will not be available.

All new guests must fill out the consultation form on the bottom of this page before their appointment . Please come alone to your appointment and do not bring your children, pets or cell phone. If you purchased a service through a third party company please keep in mind that you will end up spending 30% more in gratuity. (We will always honor the same price as Groupon or any other third party company)

A non refundable deposit is required for all new guests. Any cancellations or rescheduled appointments result in a full charge of the reserved service. Exceptions may be made for emergencies or serious illness. Forgetting about your appointment, scheduling conflicts, having to stay at work, or minor aches and pains are not considered emergencies. If you are more than 15 minutes late for you appointment, you will be considered as a no show and the charge of the reserved service will be assessed to your account or credit card on file. Any fees that are not paid within 5 months will be sent to collections. Due to the fact that most of our guests book their appointment two weeks ahead of time, any cancellations without two week notice makes it difficult for us to fill that opening on such short notice, so please do not book your appointment unless you are certain of the date and time you have chosen. Excessive cancellations or appointments that are frequently rescheduled will result in a loss of appointment privileges.

If you are a first time guest please fill out the client consultation form before booking your appointment. If you prepaid for a full set, your deposit will go towards your next fill.