Lash Facts

Hi you guys! 
I just wanted to provide you with some answers to the most common questions that I get asked from new guests. There is a lot of talk online about lash extensions and a lot of the info is inaccurate, so I just want to set the record straight by offering you true facts about lash extensions.

Question 1.
Is it safe to get lash extensions?


Yes! For example I have been getting them for five years straight. As long as you are going to a licensed professional who has great reviews then you will be okay! I don’t suggest going to a nail salon unless you know they are either a licensed Aesthetician or cosmetologist, because someone cannot apply lash extensions with only a nail license. Please remember you get what you pay for.. and cheaper is not always better…
I addition, lash extensions are safer than applying mascara daily. Mascara which is full of chemicals and tar damages your natural lashes by stripping the natural oils and causing stagnation in growth.
Now the new magnetic lash strips sound like a great idea but I don’t know how safe it is to put magnets on your eyes… 🤔


Question 2.
Do lash Extensions cause your natural lashes to fall out?


No! I still have plenty of lashes and so do my guests.
Our lashes are on a cycle and our own natural lashes shed on their own, once they get to the end of their growth cycle, then those lashes are replaced by baby lashes which then turn into more mature lashes.
If your technician is doing their job properly then the extensions should only be placed on the more mature lashes because they are longer and are stronger to support the extra weight of the lash extensions.
In addition you must clean your lashes. …
So many people get extensions and think they can’t get them wet. Yes it’s true that the first 24 to 48 hours we advise not getting your lashes wet so the glue is not compromised, however after that please clean lashes with your lash cleanser and water daily.


This is a simple lash cleanser recipe!
2 tbsp of baby shampoo,
1 tsp of baking soda
and 1/3 cup distilled water
1 foaming pump container


You can make it at home and use it twice daily, but If you don’t clean your lashes you will get a build up of oils and dirt which will block the hair follicles on your lash line, which may turn into an eye infection, resulting in bald spots on your lash line.


Question 3:
Do you offer medical grade glue? 



No there is no such thing as medical grade eyelash glue because it’s not used medicinally. This is just a gimmick used by salons to gain clientele. All lash adhesive is made with one main ingredient that makes the lashes stick. This ingredient is called Cyanoacrylate.
There are a lot of glues on the market however most certified lash artists know which glue to stay away from. The cheaper glues are full of fumes and this is usually caused by formaldehyde, which is a by product of the lash glue not being cured properly in the factory or being on the shelf too long from retailers…


Question 4:
Will my lashes look natural or fake?


Lash Extensions range from thickness in length in many variations. If you are going to a reputable lash artist then they will most likely be using great quality extensions.
I order my supplies from a manufacturer and they cost me a lot to supply them, but I do this because I love quality products. You can also get any look you want, and your lash artist should be able to accommodate you, as long as you have enough lashes to support your desired thickness and length.


Question 5:
Can anyone get lash extensions?


No unfortunately if you have very sensitive eyes and are allergy prone, then lash extensions may not be for you. The best way to know if you are a good candidate is to ask your technician to apply a couple of extensions and wait 24 hrs to see if you have a reaction, in most cases this is the best way to test the adhesive.
In addition if you do not have very many lashes or if your lashes are too short you may need to wait to get extensions for at least a month while using a quality lash serum. A great lash serum on the market that you do not need a prescription for is BABE lash. This serum is also safe to use with extensions as well, so you can continue using it with your extensions
And no I’m sorry we cannot attach lash extensions to your eyelids….. 😣


Last question:
Will my lash Extensions be noticeable?

Yes you will look fabulous and your not too old to get them as I have clients that range from 20 to 80 years of age!
Will your husband notice? hmm I can’t promise he will … he might just think you did something new to your hair lol! 😆
You should get them for yourself because there is nothing better than enhancing your natural beauty and feeling confident!